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Venturion’s team is excellent!

For career planning, coaching, and transitioning, Venturion’s team is excellent! Don, Arlene and Sally each provide the most positive, realistic viewpoints needed when it’s time to step up and move into your next career phase. Their techniques and advice offer tried-and-true skills that last a lifetime, both professionally and personally…. An excellent learning experience to have in the fast-paced, competitive environment we’re in. Kudos to the entire team!

Nancy Chavana


I had the services of Venturion to prepare for a career move. As expected, I received full service coaching including strategic sessions to target companies and industries as well as other recommendations, not to mention the fact that Venturion was always willing to help and Donna was available to talk when I needed to review options. It was a pleasant experience. Thanks!

Carlos Silva

Possibilities for personal growth became unlimited

Venturion gave me the tools to move from the academic community into the business world. Donna McIlveen and all of the staff gave me guidance every step of the way. They gave me the vocabulary for business. Though the workshop and private meetings I learned how to take control of my job search and, in doing so, I developed greater confidence in my abilities. At every change of job Don Huse, along with Donna, cheered me onward. The unknown became less frightening and the possibilities for personal growth became unlimited. The instruction and teaching of Venturion has allowed me to move from a strictly business position to a highly creative career. I thank Venturion for giving me the ability and the courage to move forward and embrace change.

Deborah Mogford

If you want excellent career coaching-contact Venturion.

When I walked into Venturion’s office 10 years ago, little did I know the impact it would have on my life. Their insight & understanding is significant in helping clients shape their careers. Donna is one of the most discerning coaches I’ve ever met. She is encouraging, inspiring & supportive, yet realistic & provides “tough love.” She helped me through a transition in my career & to focus on my personal goals. I never hesitate to say, “If you want excellent career coaching-contact Venturion.”

Kathy Morrison

Talent and integrity

Almost 12 years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Don Huse and his staff. The group at Venturion were key ingredients in helping me to find a career. The skills they taught have lasted me many years as I’ve transitioned to a position that I really enjoy. Don Huse and Donna McIlveen not only got me on my way, they have stayed in touch and continued to help whenever I’ve asked. The talent and integrity of this group is beyond anything I expected. This is the best investment that I’ve ever made!

Ed Lively


The Venturion team helped me understand that I was a commodity to be marketed, not just a resume-writer. It was amazing the lengths they went to prepare me for the next stage of my professional career and their continued follow up and involvement is inspiring. Thanks to Donna I actually found a job with several other Venturion clients and we all are extremely thankful for the dedication, professionalism and hard work of all the Venturion team.

Joe Nunez


Don Huse has created a superb organization of top-notch consultants. I had the honor of working with Donna McIlveen. Donna has the rare ability to listen on an intensely deep level. She then gives precise feedback to the client, complete with a vision for their future and a design for the new path. I count it as one of the biggest gifts in my life that I was given access to her wisdom, humor and piercing intelligence. Donna McIlveen is a one-in-a-million treasure!”

Janice Dean

Venturion helped me find a fulfilling career.

Venturion helped me find a fulfilling career that maximized my strengths and my earing potential. Donna McIlveen is an executive coach extraordinaire. She has experience and savviness and asks the right questions, clearly reads situations, and helped me think through my strategic and tactical options. Donna knows the San Antonio job market and her contacts and knowledge are worth the investment.

Nita Schweitzer

Able to help you promote yourself to your specific target audience.

I have no doubt that the assistance & expertise I gained from Venturion was key to my successful career transition from the real estate industry into DoD program management. Donna provided an incredible depth of knowledge that helped build the bridge from where I was to where I wanted to go. While we all possess great skills of our own, Don and his team are able to help you promote yourself to your specific target audience and with the right message to move in the direction of your choosing.

Lisa Schmidt


Don Huse and Donna McIIveen were excellent resources when I needed professional career guidance and coaching. Their knowledge and contacts in the San Antonio are well worth the investment in Venturion.

Rick Hernandez

Venturion was extraordinary

From office help to the president, everyone I met at Venturion was extraordinary. Don has created a culture of excellence in pursuit of helping clients advance their careers by stretching their ability to market what they do. Donna is a splendid executive coach. She has an uncanny ability to ask the right questions, read the situation, and help her client think through the strategic and tactical options. I’ve learned a lot from her.

Stephen Hollingshead


About 5-6 years ago I retained Venturion as I was transitioning from business/retail to the biotech industry. What I was able to learn is still with me today. Their expertise and support in navigating the myriad of paths, good and bad, was phenomenal. They provide powerful tools to aid you in your career search. Donna, Sally and Don – Thanks! You guys are awesome!

Jason Garner

Major career transition

The staff at Venturion were instrumental in assisting me through a major career transition. The staff are professional and thorough in their approach to transitioning others successfully to a new career field, but not just any career field. They helped me determine what I really passionate about. Donna was especially reassuring and always took time to hear me, not just push me through the steps to success. I am eternally grateful to Donna and Venturion.

Robert Sherbondy

Enjoying my second career

Donna helped me translate the skills I developed while in the military into options for a career outside of the military. Most importantly, she listened and suggested. She led me through a process of discovery that I couldn’t have done on my own. Now, I’m on my way and am enjoying my second career.

John Sacks

Instrumental in helping me secure a position with a growing and profitable company

Don and his team were instrumental in helping me secure a position with a growing and profitable company. My main point of contact was with Donna who was so instrumental in assisting me throughout my career search in finding a position as a Senior Operations Manager in a growing company. Her abilities to not only coach me but her attitude” really motivated me. Don Huse is quite obviously a true leader in creating a “winning team” for his clients !!!! Thank you !!!

Lance Parton